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Nov 17, 2013
Northeast Oregon
Being a dyed in the wool photography addict, I thought we needed a Wildlife Photography Thread. Hopefully, the mods will put a sticky on this. My public images are hosted on Flickr, then linked to WTW so we can save some space on the WTW servers. I hope others will chip in and contribute.

Here's my backyard photography from today. An adult bald eagle driving off a juvenile, and a northern harrier female hunting.


Cool shots. Looking forward to seeing what people post here. I'm not a photographer but I enjoy seeing others' efforts. Good idea for a thread.
Love it. The harrier is a really nice capture. He seems to be flying right towards you, which can be difficult to track focus.

And, I want your backyard! :p At least the wildlife; I did shoot a sequence of a crow doing aerial combat with a red shouldered hawk from over our orchard. Eagles are always special to me.
With all the photographers we have here I'm surprised we don't already have one. I'm constantly in awe of the photos I see posted here.

I don't even have a good puppy pic yet.
I too am an avid photographer and have a Fleet on order so that I can get out and do more of it. Great idea to start this thread for pictures. Here's one I shot a few days ago in my backyard.

Nice action shot, Park! Your new Fleet will definitely enable you to get out there.

Here's a shot or two from last weekend.
The warm January weather was good hiking to our local river where we often see hibernating clumps of ladybugs.

They liked my orange Lowepro pack :giggle:

Park, nice shot! Looks like a good sized animal!!! The buck is nice, too.

Lighthawk, that's a bunch of ladybugs! I wonder what the plurality is? I can come up with a few, but they don't print nicely.

HighZ, Cool shot of the snake trying to steal your trout.
OK, I'm jealous of the bruin photos. I am going to have to toss out a bear photo, too. From a Kodiak fishing trip to Larson Bay. Not a great shot at all, taken with a small Olympus point and shoot back in 2000. It gives you an idea of the size of these monsters. We are in a vehicle, maybe 25 feet from the bear.


And, since I had such a good time with the raptors, I thought I would toss another one out...


Not bad for the ducks either. This little bufflehead shows off the iridescence in his plumage.

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