Trade 2000 Alaskan Cabover 10’ Camper for an 8’ or 8.5’ Camper?


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Jul 11, 2015
Beaverton, OR
This is a long shot, but does not hurt to put it out there…..

I am looking to downsize from my current 10ft Cabover Alaskan to an 8ft or 8.5ft Cabover Alaskan. Maybe there is someone out there who wants to move up to a larger 10ft camper and would be willing to trade with +cash.

My camper has all new Pirelli seals, upgraded compressor fridge, furnace, hotwater heater, 200W solar, 100Ah LiPO battery, DC/DC charger, etc, in very good condition. I can provide more details and pictures if you have a 8 - 8.5ft cabover to trade for the additional room of a 10ft camper. Or if you have a 8-8.5ft Alaskan Cabover camper to sell outright only then will I sell my current camper. Sorry cannot survive without a camper. :)


Yep, plan to mount the camper and drive up to his new shop once the weather gets a bit warmer and less rainy. Too bad the new Alaskan website has removed the for sale / trade posts. That used to be a good meeting place for buyers/sellers of Alaskan. Campers
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