Truck bed / camper gap - Platform & shelving system


Dec 20, 2017
San Diego
While camping with my buddy in Anza Borrego, he said “we needed some shelves to keep stuff off the ground”. Back @ home, I came up with these 7/8” plywood pieces that fit between my truck bed and Hawk camper. The size was chosen such that they fit into the gap of my Aluminess rear bumper system (which holds 2), and I sanded and applied 3 coats of Spar Varnish to make very water proof. We have now used these for several years and they work perfect. The thickness will depend upon you gap, but the concept should work for any slide in camper. I wash dishes here (but I am tall so the shelf will be too tall for most to use for dishes), put drinks, clothes, etc.

This year at Fishmas (Eastern Sierra trout opening weekend), the same buddy was watching me add water to the camper. Now, I’m 6’5” in decent shape and effort to hold a 40# jug of water over my head while pouring it was a bit of a mess that I had just accepted. Well, my buddy said, “we need a better transfer system”. Back @ home I did some Amazon searching and came up with this battery powered ‘bucket shower’ pump. The pump portion fits right into the mouth of a Scepter jerry can, is USB rechargeable and comes with two batteries. It transfers all 5 gallons in under 1 beverage (3 minutes).

Once I saw the can on the shelf, then an idea came to me. I could also use this to put fuel into my truck. So, using a siphon, the gas can sits on it and siphon right into gas tank. These are simple and have 3 uses that really are a game changer!

Finally, in the end it’s really just 7/8” plywood so, they can be used as recover boards, leveling boards, jack bases or even emergency firewood (although they are painted and plywood has glue so avoid if possible).

Fine print: On the driver’s side is the water heater vent and space heater vent. I’ve melted one sent of dish washing tubs and H2O fill cap so be waste heat aware. Never leave the fuel up there unattended!

Innhom portable shower ($39):

Scepter Lightweight PBA 5 Gallon ($103):

Safety Siphon ($14):


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