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    2009 Eagle Four Wheel Camper Madison Wisconsin

    SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Eagle located near Madison, WI $14,000 Made for Mid -Size trucks Tacoma,Colorado,Ranger, Dakota We had it in our full size truck which worked great. This camper got us into the FWC camper line and we are ready to go with a Hawk. We are the second owners and the previous...
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    PXL 20231224 012512645

    Designing & fabricating a 8' Popup camper (FWC Style) for our F350 Utility bed 4x4, 2009 ex Wildland fire truck. Frame is designed and built from 3/4"x1.5" 16ga Steel, 0.82lbs per foot for weight, clad in 1/8" thick alumanate composite aluminium sheeting, the base frame weight...
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    **SOLD**. 2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Offroad DCLB, Fox Level 2, CBI Offroad, Airbags/cradles, Leather, C

    SOLD- Silver, Black Leather interior Automatic, 25k miles Original Owner CBI Offroad aluminum front bumper with XRC 9500# winch CBI Offroad bolt-on sliders (not installed) Fox Level 2 Suspension Kit Light Racing Upper Control Arms Firestone airbags/Daystar cradles with rear license plate...
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    **SOLD** Upgraded Hawk Four Wheel Camper For Sale Santa Barbara, CA

    Upgraded Hawk for Sale - Santa Barbara, CA - $24,750 2017 Hawk with professionally-modernized electrical and nearly all of the stock add-ons available from FWC. Serious inquiries only. Happy to do a facetime/zoom walkthrough. Full Details: Electrical Renovation: -Professionally installed, all...
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    2021 Toyota Tacoma and 2021 Four Wheel Camper Fleet for sale ($69k or $27.5k)

    Located in SF bay area, CA this rig is in great condition. Some minor evidence of use, but functions perfectly and looks clean. We had intended on keeping this for a very long time and are sad to see it go. This is built for year around use and is comfortable on the highway or forest service...
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    2011 Phoenix Pop Up Camper

    2011 Phoenix Pop Up Camper Fits 1500 series truck really well. We used in on a F150 with the 6'7" bed and it rides great with tailgate closed, the short bed would need the tailgate open. This is the manual lift top so it is as light as possible for wider variety of truck fits. It has two...
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    2022 FWC Hawk Flatbed

    Sale pending. For sale in Houston, TX. The truck is NOT in included. Pics: We built this rig with the intention of driving the Pan-American Highway. Unfortunately during the course of the 18 month lead...
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    2016 FWC Fleet + 2015 Tacoma (optional)

    **SOLD** Excellent condition, fully loaded FWC Fleet with front dinette. Full spec sheet available on request. Fridge w/freezer (very cold - keeps ice cream!), 2-burner propane stove, propane heater w/thermostat, interior and exterior lights, sink with 5 gallon hot water and 20 gallon cold...
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    2012 Four Wheel Camper Hawk FOR SALE Options: Mechanical jacks 8’ Fiamma awning Rear awning (over back door) Engel SR70 60QT built in fridge Sink + 2 burner propane stove Thermal pack Queen slide out bed Roll over couch/bed Roof vent...
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    New Four Wheel Camper Front Dinette Hawk

    Sold I have a new, not yet delivered, front dinette Hawk that I will be selling. I decided to change directions so will be selling this camper. It is due to be picked up in the middle of the month. I live in Oregon. It includes the following: -Smooth Aluminum Siding (Metallic Charcoal)...
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    Need 2000 CO Electrical Manual Info or wiring diagrams

    I want to upgrade my 2000 CO to eventually have solar 100W, I'm getting a 100w 12V Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery, a 1000w inverter and a 30amp dc to dc charger MPPT all Renogy components. I guess I will also need some sort of Automatic Transfer Switch. Does anyone have wiring diagrams from...
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    **SOLD**2007 Hallmark Ute XS For Sale--$15K--Colorado Springs, CO

    2007 Hallmark UTE XS. Made for short bed trucks (6.5 ft bed) but should still fit a long bed. Happijac electric jacks on all four corners with Happijac Jack Extenders in front (for duallies or wide tire trucks). Two brand new 6V Golf Cart batteries in May 2022. Three roof vents, one with a...
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    2012 Palomino Bronco (1251) $10,000 Tyler, TX

    2012 Palamino - Bronco (B-1251) truck pop-up camper. Great for camping, hunting, fishing, travel, business or living. Features: Pop-Up Top, Queen Bed, Air Conditioning, Dometic Refrigerator (LP, AC, DC), LP Stove, LP Heater, Toilet, Shower, Sink, under bed storage, closet, 22gal on board water...
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    Camper battery charging woes - 4 pin round plug?

    OK so. I have a 2004 Outfitter Caribou 6.5 sitting on a 2020 F150. I am having some trouble wiring the truck to the camper to charge the battery while driving. The camper is fairly old and was purchased recently from the original owner who was charging the same way on a 04 Tundra. So I am...
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    Help with ideas for patching the side of an Alaskan camper

    Hello, I currently have a 2002 cab over that has been a very extensive project. I purchased the camper a few years ago with known water damage. I have repaired all the water damage and my wife and I have updated the interior of the camper. I am now in the final stages of cleaning and updating...
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    Custom ARE utility camper shell for (1995-2004)Toyota Tacoma 6ft bed -$2000

    Selling my custom ARE utility shell.
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    Truck bed / camper gap - Platform & shelving system

    While camping with my buddy in Anza Borrego, he said “we needed some shelves to keep stuff off the ground”. Back @ home, I came up with these 7/8” plywood pieces that fit between my truck bed and Hawk camper. The size was chosen such that they fit into the gap of my Aluminess rear bumper...
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    **SOLD** 2011 Alaskan Camper /10ft. Cabover $23,500

    2011 Alaskan Camper/ 10 Foot Cab Over - SOLD
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    **SOLD** Adventure Ready 2016 Four Wheel Camper Hawk Flatbed on 2005 Dodge Ram 3500 5.9 Cummins Dies

    SOLD!! Turn Key, Adventure Ready Expedition / Overland / Bug Out Rig This rig needs to be on the road! *Package Only* PRICE DRRRROOOOPPPP!!! $73K $69,900 USD Serious offers and delivery considered Looking for that perfect rig to take you where most RVs, Trailers and Hard sided campers can't...
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    Help with Heco Lift System Corner Brackets Setup and Torsion Bar - on a 1995 Skamper 060s Popup Truc

    Hello, Newby here trying to get some help from you guys. I recently purchased a Skamper with a damaged roof and pulled the trigger on fixing it myself. I already removed the entire roof and in the process of reconstructing it. The roof is "almost" (feels like never ending) done, but I'm...
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    FOR SALE: Tacoma / Four Wheel Camper Project M

    Selling my 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Manual 6 Speed with 2020 Four Wheel Camper Project M 5.5. Full description / pictures in the link below: Selling my 2016 Toyota Tacoma TRD Off-Road Manual 6 Speed with 2020 Four Wheel Camper Project M 5.5...
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    Does anyone have an ATC Bobcat in So Cal I can look at?

    I'm trying to decide between an FWC and ATC but would like to see an ATC Bobcat. Does anyone living in So Cal have one that I can look at?
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    Northstar 600SS. Anyone with experience with this popup?

    I'm looking for a light weight truck camper popup with an electrical lift since I'm not young and need the help. FWC doesn't seem to come with one. Palomino doesn't seem to be very well built. So, I started looking at Northstar 600SS. It needs to come in below 1400 lbs. Any experience with...
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    2014 Toyota Tacoma & 2013 Livin' Lite Camp Lite Camper For Sale

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