**SOLD** Upgraded Hawk Four Wheel Camper For Sale Santa Barbara, CA


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Mar 1, 2023
[SIZE=11pt]Upgraded Hawk for Sale - Santa Barbara, CA - $24,750[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]2017 Hawk with professionally-modernized electrical and nearly all of the stock add-ons available from FWC. Serious inquiries only. Happy to do a facetime/zoom walkthrough.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Full Details:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Electrical Renovation:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-[/SIZE][SIZE=11pt]Professionally installed, all marine grade components (No sketchy Amazon no-name breakers, wiring, or components)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-300 AH of Lithium battery storage with Victron Smart Shunt for battery consumption and absorption monitoring[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Victron Solar MPPT Controller, Victron DC to DC Charger, 1000 Watt Renogy Inverter[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Upgraded wiring and BlueSea breakers with Victron charger from truck to camper. Charges at 30-37 amps while driving or idling. [/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]General Camper:[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Side Dinette[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Queen bed with pull out to king option[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-NEW 2022 year Dometic 130 liter fridge (easily keeps ice cream and meat frozen during 115 degree heat in AZ!!). Installed at FWC.[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Thermal pack (cold or hot weather camping)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Propane furnace[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]Led lights in and out[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Flushmount sink and cooktop (cooktop model is prior to recent recall, works great)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-160-watt solar panel (still pulls 12+ amps thanks to the upgraded wiring and Victron MPPT controller)[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Powered Fantastic roof fan[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Outside shower[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Fiamma Awning[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-Aluminum Roof Racks[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-20 gallon fresh water[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-6 gallon hot water tank[/SIZE]
[SIZE=11pt]-NEW 2023 year water pump. Same one that FWC installs but brand new.[/SIZE]

Link to photos - https://www.facebook.com/marketplace/item/212913928217496
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