2009 Eagle Four Wheel Camper Madison Wisconsin


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Apr 9, 2024
SOLD! Four Wheel Camper Eagle located near Madison, WI

Made for Mid -Size trucks Tacoma,Colorado,Ranger, Dakota

We had it in our full size truck which worked great. This camper got us into the FWC camper line and we are ready to go with a Hawk. We are the second owners and the previous owner only used it a few times. We have the original paperwork for the furnace, converter/charger, etc. The camper is in great shape. All fabrics and cushions are like new. Canvas is like new. No leaks. See statement below for things not in perfect condition.

Dry Weight 695Lbs

Height Down (including vent) 54"

Floor Length 80"

Body Width 69"

Extended up interior Height 6'4"

12 Gallon water tank

Fiama awning added 2022

Electronic igniton furnace

Fantastic vent fan + additional vent

Sink with 12v water pump

2 burner stove

2 10lb LP cylinders

Side dinette we do not have the backrest for the seat by the door (have cushions and table not shown in pictures. Happy to pull them out and grab shots if interested)

Flourescent lights

Aluminum Roof Rack

Rear wall steps for accessing roof

Set up for Battery

4 corner jacks

Exterior wiring to connect truck

No solar

The floor covering has a tear at the entry. Sub flooring is fully intact. It sat outside for a week and porcupine had a snack on the bottom wood on the outside of the access doors. Critters have never gotten inside. No funky smells. The outside spigot has become brittle and would need to be replaced. Happy to share more photos with serious buyers. I'm at my upload max.


Greetings, I also wish you luck in selling your FWC Eagle. I live in Mount Horeb and I've monitored the Four Wheel Camper listings since 2016, when I wanted to buy a FWC Hawk model, but few were available in the Upper Midwest, so I ended up buying a new one from the dealer in Eagle WI. I'm writing to you because you mentioned wanting a FWC Hawk model, and I've recently considered selling mine at some point in the next few years. But since the most likely buyers are located west of Rockies, I've thought the sale of my Hawk would be complicated. The coincidence of my recently thinking about selling my camper and seeing your ad struck me. Anyway, good luck!
You must be one of the few we see in the area. There is a Project M at Costco in Middleton now and then as well. Hope to run into you sometime. Thanks for the message.
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