Vents and Fans

I think you win the ventilation award for sure! Looks great and like that you left the original light in place, even though there are plenty of other modern type lights.

One question, why not a fan above the cooking area vs. just a vent? I like being able to use my fan as a extractor when cooking.

Honestly? I won't often cook inside.

I rebuilt a '72 Kit Companion and used it for years without cooking in her. Knowing that about the way I camp I decided that - for me - it didn't make sense to spend that much on the vent; but I did indeed want a vent there, just not a $250 vent.

Whereas without air in my Kit I was constantly hot when I slept. I figured more air flow would help with that in the Alaskan.

Also, the Alaskan (at least mine!) has a pulldown screen for the upper rear door. I figure that that should allow good air flow through to the bed area with the other fans going. We'll see how that works out. Given that it's a 14x14 I could upgrade at any time if I decide I need the vent there.
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