Wanted: 8ft - 8.5ft Alaskan Camper Cab Over

May 23, 2024
Maple Ridge BC Canada
Hello Everyone,

We are new to the site and have been camping our whole lives in various RV's and off-road setups. Currently we sold our E350 extended van and purchased a 3rd Gen Cummins 4x4 truck with an 8ft box and are in search of an off-road camper like an Alaskan. We want one of the more modern ones from the late 90's to mid 2010's and prefer an outside shower. We live in the Vancouver area but would be willing to travel to western Provinces and States for the right one. Let us know if you are willing to part with yours and we'll go from there.

Happy Camping
If you haven’t searched with searchtempest.com, it’s a handy tool to cover multiple cities for craigslist. You might also reach out to Bryan Wheat, the old CEO of Alaskan. I suspect he has customers who wish to sell. Good luck finding your camper!
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