WTW format

I hear you, camelracer.
I'm getting better at finding the unread posts per forum, but it has been somewhat of a struggle as it is new to me & I had more than 10 years rooting around in the old one. We'll get there but it is not as efficient moving around because it's new to me.

We have had a big advantage in that the admin team is attentive and has addressed complaints. They all have better muscle memory due to implementing & porting old forum pages to the new format but still addressing posted complaints.

I'm hopeful. :cautious:

Sucks? Not at all, in fact exactly the opposite. The migration was handled exceptionally well, and the administrative team has been on the small exceptions like a hound dog after a hamburger.

If you wouldn’t mind, please tell us where the problems are.
I"ve gone through a number of site upgrades on various sites and this is by far the easiest to adjust to I've seen yet. I was worried I'd hate it (I'm old and don't like change) but its easy to adjust to.
I like the new design and think it’s an improvement for user experience.

Search has always been a challenge, I generally use a web search e.g. to find posts about ATC Panther campers enter this string in your web browser: site:wanderthewest.com + "panther"
I like it. The muscle memory will fade like all memory apparently! Have to admit I miss the "Today's Birthdays" box or maybe I just haven't found it!
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