You have to admit.....


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Jul 26, 2011
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I say ole bean..... do pass the Grey Poupon!


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Uber RTT - with style!

Looks like Africa or Australia - no roof or sides required with the platform above.
I did an image search on that photo and that led to a Reddit post with a link to "Tent with a View", a safari company in Tanzania.

Looking through the Lodges section, here's one of their "Bush Rover Suites"...

Bush Rover Suites Grumeti

And a YouTube search for Tent with a View led to this video (I have it starting at the Bush Rover info but the earlier part is interesting too)

About the Bush Rover Suites and Tent with a View

Also: A read through the About Us tab on their web site yielded this tidbit about the Bush Rovers...

David and Masa were developing an idea of a working Land Rover which would open up like a butterfly into stunning accommodation complete with 14 x 16ft bedroom raised up several metres above the roof of the vehicle, completely solar powered with flush loo and even a bath tub in the back! The Bush Rover suites were born in January 2017 and formed the Bush Rover migration camps set in 3 private and stunning locations throughout the Serengeti National Park, always in the heart of the great wildebeest migration but away from the crowds. The base for the Bush Rover suites is Little Okavanago Camp, a small 6 room base camp in one of the best sites for birding in the country and located a stone’s throw from the western Ndabaka gate of the Serengeti on the edge of the floodlands of famous Lake Victoria.

Also: more footage on setup...

Bush Rover timelapse
Denny that is incredible you found all that from a reverse photo search! And I have to admit it it looks pretty awesome... low impact for the most part. That idea will make someone a fortune.
After watching this, I am not sure I will ever feel the same about my simple, rustic 2019 four wheel pop-up Hawk. Just cheap accommodations for the masses I suppose.

My sister, recently widowed, is going to Tanzania for two weeks in late October. I sent her the links to the videos. Thanks Old Crow!
A new "You have to admit".... I Have a welder but I don't think I'd attempt this... I think though if I did I'd have shift that top to the back!


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