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    2000 Eagle? Twin bed/couch storage

    Hey Everyone! I need some help as the 2000 Eagle model I bought was gutted before I got my hands on it. I am looking for inspo pics or dimensions from other peoples Eagle models for the couch framing. As you can see in the first image it was totally empty but the guy did have the couches that...
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    2020 All Terrain Ocelot Shell Build

    I hope this is not in violation of forum rules. Adding a large number of images to this site is painful. The link below will take you to 38 pics with captions of my build. Clicking on the individual pictures to expand them. Then click on the info button (letter i in the circle, upper right hand...
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    Keystone Remodel

    Well since I am temporarily unemployed and it is really nice outside time to start a remodel! I am coming up on 1 year of owning the Keystone. While it is mostly original form 86 it was a little rough and needed some love. The fridge, heater, and side cabinets had been removed so rebuilding...
  4. J

    80s Grandby to Eagle Build

    Hello Wander the West! I recently got a project that I will be using to travel the US. It is a 80s Grandby that was downsized to the dimensions of an Eagle. The pervious owner did not have enough time to finish the project so I was able to get it. I am very excited to work on it, I know that it...
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    FWC Bronco to "Hawk" Build

    Hey All, I just bought a fwc bronco for $200 that was in pretty rough shape, but I knew that going in. I mostly just wanted it for the skeleton and a template to build onto. I've dug through a ton of the forums and chats on here prior to buying, but wanted to start a topic to see if anyone is...
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    BUILD: New Flatbed for standard FWC

    I am excited to announce that I got a big 'ol dent in the side of my truck. :D Yep, that's right, it gave me the excuse I needed to get what I've been eyeing for a long time now. I've been torn between scrapping it all and getting a new flatbed, but just couldn't justify it all...not now...
  7. F

    propane tank between truck bed and camper

    WTWers, I have a Hawk Shell and am currently using a 1 lb Mr. Heater and it can't really keep up. I want a lower cost solution possibly using a Wave 3 heater. Installing a propane locker is prohibitively expensive and would take up a huge amount of indoor space. 20lbs always seemed a lot to lug...
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    Another electrical topic

    Hi WTW, sorry to add another electrical topic. I'm getting a Hawk Shell soon which will have essentially nothing electrical apart from the truck system connected to the lights and an AC with nowhere to plug in. I plan to use a Honda 2000 Generator or Shore power often. My intended electrical...
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    Front wall couch?

    Hi, just joined and love the dialogue. I have a Hawk shell on order with the couch on driver's side to not obstruct the window. I now realize how little storage space this will leave me there will be virtually no room for cabinets, heater, stove, sink if I want to do that. Can the couch be...
  10. G

    Custom Aluminum Cabin Build

    Hey all, New here, but been on expedition portal and figured I would come check out the scene over here and hopefully gain some insight from you guys. I'm Graeme. A little backstory before getting into the build... About this time two years ago, I was working offshore oil in equatorial...
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    Family of 5 and cat in FWC Hawk? Ideas Needed

    Hi WTW! This past week we met an awesome family (2 adults + 3 children + 1 cat) traveling in an Airstream since 2008. The crazy part is they are planning to downsize to a FWC Hawk!!! Love it! They are currently on their way to Woodland, CA to order a Hawk shell and build out the interior...
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    Rnk's Hawk shell build

    Hi everybody, With our Thermal Pack built and tested (write-up here; ) we seem to be about 95% done with all we had planned to do. We started with this setup; 2004 dbl cab Tundra with RideRite airbags 2014 Hawk...
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