propane tank between truck bed and camper


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Apr 19, 2016
WTWers, I have a Hawk Shell and am currently using a 1 lb Mr. Heater and it can't really keep up. I want a lower cost solution possibly using a Wave 3 heater. Installing a propane locker is prohibitively expensive and would take up a huge amount of indoor space. 20lbs always seemed a lot to lug around anyway particularly since I use a camp stove. A 5 lb tank mounted on the back takes away sleek lines and is also expensive. Has anyone tried mounting or shoving a 1lb, long 2lb, or even 5lb tank between the front edge of the camper and the bed wall? This would take care of the ventillation problem and be cheaper. Can you even use a wave with this small of a tank or would it freeze?
You could mount one of these 3.3 gallon tanks under the truck bed but they are not cheap. Available from GoWesty...
How about a 10# unit secured to the jack mount bracket? You could then run a line through one of the turnbuckle access covers to feed the Mr Buddy.

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