Baja tick concern

I'm not sure I want to open that link but I will say that in the many, many times over the years I have gone to Baja, I don't ever remember seeing any ticks on any of my dogs or myself (or friends).
We were in Baja a month last February with our dog but were not in the Mexicali area. The lonestar tick ( has a white spot on back) can cause trouble if not treated. We give our dog a pill monthly (Simparica Trio) for tick/heartworm/ringworm. When she gets a tick we find it dead attached or it falls off. It isn't cheap but most Vet stuff isn't! We also live in an area that never used to have ticks (deer) but in the last 5 years weather change? or whatever they are here in NE in big numbers. We use both the clothes treatment as well as spray. Still find them so need to be prudent and do a check after walks in woods/fields. Our city friends are a tad paranoid about it but we have learned to deal with it ...I'd prefer not having to!
I also use the simparica trio. I haven't seen a tick since I started using it. Even better they mail it to me monthly. Very convenient.

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