Jerry Cans - The secret Weapon

Not only interesting but he has a good presentation. Funny too how in time folks try to make cheaper copies only to fail and the old proven still stands tall. Thanks for this.
I will never look at mine the same again!
Thanks for sharing
And I am very interested in this model... very good video review and actually I like the spout compared to many I have used.

Rob, except for the spout (which seems better than any other spill proof), this looks like an excellent fuel can. I’d check to see if there’s a normal replacement spout, like the one that RotoPax sells as an option. They’re about $12 plus shipping.
Interesting. I have five Jerry cans, two of which are the good design. My Jeep holds 8 gallons (supposed to hold ten) so I use Jerry cans frequently. One is dated 1975 while the other has no date. Much better than my red American cans. The red cans do have one advantage. The lip on the bottom allows for mounting options.
buckland said:
And I am very interested in this model... very good video review and actually I like the spout compared to many I have used.

Rob, a while back there was another discussion on Jerry cans, and a link to an army surplus dude. I bought four of his cans, dated 1954 and they are spectacular. Opened one up and I can still smell the paint/plastic on the inside. Came with spouts too. I haven't need all four, but shipping on 4 was the same price as one, so... I bought extra. :p
Vic, you got newer ones! One of mine was 1951, the other 1952 if I recall correctly!

edit: I also ordered new gaskets to replace the originals.
If you had to chose between Wavian or Gelg ....which one would you opt for ? ( I noticed the Wavian comes with spout and the Gelg it is an accessory so both come out around same $$
Rob, I'd go with the Wavian. I've heard yes and no on whether the Gelg is made with slightly thinner steel. In any case Wavian has better infrastructure in the U.S.
I can't imagine a can getting prettier than this ... my friend thinks I should use it to decant wine.


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I carry three 2 gallon Rotopax. Copied an idea from WTW so it is over the cab under the overhang. Used to have them on the roof but now I have the sand mats up there. Rotopax are tough and reasonably lightweight. They also have a mount system but unsure how/where to mount is best. There is a lot of thread on that topic somewhere here in WTW.
The cam style of nozzle attachment for the NATO cans has the best nozzle option out there. Enough so that I have no intention of ever buying a can with a screw in/on nozzle.
Find the "Swiss nozzle" for these fuel cans. One of the Pinzgauer parts places occasionally has them. It can empty the 5 gallons into your fuel tank in just about that amount of time that it has taken you to read this post. It has to be seen to be believed. Sure saves your back by not needing to hold that ~40 lbs up high for very long. It is long enough that it can be bent (it is flexible) to insert into the fuel filler while the can is still upright.

They have two downsides. First is cost, expect to pay about $50 by the time it's at your door. Second is that they are not unleaded restriction compatible. This can be dealt with somewhat easily. I did it using 3/4" copper pipe and a fitting that I peened and epoxied into place. Others have done it differently with similar good results. I believe one friend used EMT.

Were I to lose mine I would not hesitate to buy another one.
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