Maxxair Fan Install Cutout

M1010 Mike

Senior Member
Apr 17, 2011
San Diego, CA
Hi all,

I am working on a DIY camper project and I haven't fully decided if I am putting a roof fan in. Since I cannot put my ceiling panels in, until I lay out anything that needs to be mounted first, I am thinking of framing out the fan cutout location but not cutting the roof or ceiling panels. I would run wiring to it as well but leave it sealed up for now. This way if I decide to put in a fan, I just have to cut the opening but it allows me to continue the build out without having to commit to the fan install.

For those who have installed their own fan, is the cutout actually 14" x 14" or is it slightly under or over sized? For this project, I am using aluminum tubing to frame out the opening, so I cannot cut larger if it needs to be, once installed.

Can anyone confirm the actual cutout dimension? Thanks!

Reference of what I am working on, an CUCV M1010 ambo.

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