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Sep 21, 2011
Raleigh, NC
After deciding against flying to friend's homes in Texas in favor of a road trip to Ohio from NC, largely due to other recent trips' consecutive airline hassles such as weather delays and equipment problems, it's looking more and more like we'll cancel the 3 day out-and-back to the closest point in the path of totality in northwestern Ohio. The long range forecast for that area at this point is consistently calling for clouds and/or showers. Sealing the deal is several days of S and SW winds prior to and on the April 8 date which I believe supports cloudy/rainy forecasts. I'm still working full time during tax season and I'm unwilling to be gone for 3 days unless it's a very sure thing we'll see it. We were spoiled in 2017 when we watched from a small marina in rural South Carolina, just a mile from the centerline of totality, just 160 miles from home.

The farther upstream I track generic forecasts, the better it looks, with TX and AR looking pretty nice. But that doubles the driving distance, so that's a no-go for us.

Wondering if any WTW'ers homebased in the Texas/Arkansas area or in the Midwest are going to give it a go, and especially wondering what general weather and especially cloud cover forecasts you're using.

I'm not homebased in any totality state, but I have a place to view the eclipse in central Texas, west of Waco and north of Killeen. 4 minutes 20 seconds of totality.
Through my affiliation with a loose group of fiberglass travel trailer owners, I got invited to boondock my trailer for the eclipse weekend on the farm of a fellow fiberglass folk.
(One of my recent camps: in the Atchafalaya Basin, Louisiana, not Texas)

Weather: Hard to say... Current forecasts -- 12 days out, could be worse, could be better.
AccuWeather and Weather Underground:
IMG_20240327_105526.jpg IMG_20240327_105547.jpg
However the weather develops, I'm not going to drag my trailer around chasing the hope for clear skies. Too many people will be doing that, I'm sure, and that has disaster written all over it.
I had an excellent viewing experience for the 2017 totality, so this isn't a "bucket list" deal for me.

Wish me luck!

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