Truck camper and tire rotation

Have had my 93 Toyota since new. Always only a “Trip Truck” never a daily driver.

Have always had two sets of tires and rims, Michelin LTX for road trips and BFG Mud Terrains for off road adventures (both LT rated). Since I regularly swap tires, I just always mark position when I take them off and rotate to new position when they go back on. This usually happens several times a year, so both sets wind up being rotated much more often than recommended, which is just fine with me. (The tires getting removed always get a close visual inspection before storage).

As far as the original question, I have always rotated front to back, then crossed side to side. My original owners manual says not to cross, but if you check the Michelin and BFG websites, they basically say do whatever pattern you want, as long as the tires aren’t marked as directional. (FWIW I think BFG and Michelin are now the same company)

Due to my particular usage, my tires always time out before they wear out, usually every 8 to 10 years. If I destroy a tire beyond repair on the trail, I always just replace all four.

Following this program (and keeping a close eye on alignment and tire pressure) tread wear is always pretty much perfect when I remove my old tires, making it really easy to sell them for a few bucks on Craig’s List

Hope this helps,

PS, I always take date codes VERY seriously. Had a perfect looking but old tire come apart on me years ago, don’t ever want to experience that again!
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Local Les Schwab tire buyer. Rotate according to their directions and they have honored the warranty when have had tires go bad. When we lived away from here for a time and moved back, they rotated the tires we did not buy from them for free and balanced two for free. Good customer service and they look for issues.

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