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I checked it out. A lot of good information on the Truma products but very little real world reviews. Same with the rest of the internet searches I’ve done. I probably should stop calling it a heater because that brings up a lot of water heater threads. I’m very happy with my tank water heater so I’m just looking for info on the Truma Varioheat furnace. Thanks for the tip on the Oliver site. It helped get me started.
I have a Truma Vario Heat furnace in my Winnebago EKKO. It's fan works in auto mode so that it sometimes blasts away like most propane furnaces but it also goes into a low fan speed mode. I haven't used the furnace much as I currently have a 30 amp plug in and am using electric heaters.
FYI, we toured the FWC facility with Stan in the last 2 weeks, and Stan said they are not using the "combi" unit because it is too big, so they are using separate Truma heater and water heater units. I was dismayed to hear this, as the benefits of the combi are smaller size, and higher efficiency. I wanted to install a combi in my Puma build, but discovered the same thing, the combi is big.....
We have a new 2024 fleet with a truma furnace. Took it on a 2 week road trip a couple weeks ago and had several nights in the mid-20s. Truma furnace worked great and is pretty quite on the night mode. Easy digital control. We ran the furnace pretty much all night for 4 nights and did a fair amount of cooking on the stove for the 14 day trip. Did not make it through a whole propane tank on the trip.
Our setup description is here:

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