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Welcome to the all new Wander the West! WtW is a website for those that love to explore the expanses of mountains, deserts and forests of the western United States. The West is a vast place, filled with more amazing places to explore than most could see in a lifetime. At WtW we hope to bring the West alive online to allow some virtual exploration when we aren't able to be out wandering ourselves.

Wander the West has two main features - spots and areas.

Spots are any feature worth checking out - campgrounds, historic sites, trails, viewpoints, natural features, hot springs, etc. A few example spots: Gold Bluffs Beach, The Racetrack, Soldier Meadows, Half Dome.

Areas are geographic features that tie spots together and can be mountain ranges, BLM management areas, national parks, wildlife refuges etc. A few example Areas: Death Valley National Park, Black Rock Desert, Zion National Park.

Also drop by our forums to chat about trucks, campers, camping supplies, or any other gear that will enhance the backcountry experience. Finally, take a look at the Trip Report forum to see the latest adventures by WtW members.

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