2019 Grandby Jack Bracket Removal


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Oct 17, 2023
I have a 2019 Grandby and I bumped one of the rear jacks with my car and I am looking for some advice on how to assess/repair the damage (or maybe you could point me in the direction of someone who could weigh in?) We live in Southern Washington, so not close to any dealers.

The jack was not damaged but the jack mounting bracket pulled away from the corner by about 1/2". I removed the screws and none of them were bent. I need to remove the bracket from the putty tape but I don't want to damage the siding- I have attached some pics for reference. I am hoping that there wasn't any damage to the aluminum frame. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

I am not sure about how to assess the damage to the frame. I think you would likely to have remove the corner mounting brackets, peel back the siding, and look. On the other hand, you will see in the forum that others have had issues with corner brackets. Mine were pretty dangerous and that the jacks were not able to align appropriately. I had corner brackets that were starting to become loose and move and it wasn't that difficult to repair. I used rivnuts and just bigger bolts. I had a post about this.

Not sure what exactly you mean by “Southern Washington,” but if it’s SW WA, are you aware of Mule Outfitters in Tualatin, Oregon?
Thanks for the replies. Ruck, I appreciate the links to your previous posts- good info there, I think I'll get away with using some bigger screws. Thanks for your help!

I live about an hour east of Portland and haven't heard of Mule Outfitters, but will definitely check them out.
When we took delivery of our 2017 Grandby from the dealer in Salt Lake City, he would not let us drive out the door with the camper jacks attached. He said that sooner or later you will hit something with them and mess up the corner of your camper. This is not the first incident I've seen of this type of carnage.

I carried the jacks to Baja with me once so I could leave the camper on the beach (they were in my trailer). It all worked out well until I tried to back the truck squarely under the camper in the deep sand. The camper was steady but the truck was not exacly a precision instrument. After that I don't even worry about taking the jacks, it wasn't worth it.

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