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A list of links to WTW topics describing major DIY camper builds/re-builds.
If you know of other major builds not yet listed here -- topics I may have missed or new ones -- please send me a PM about it.
"major build" means starting with a shell (or less) and building the interior or substantially gutting an existing full camper and re-building the interior (or more).

The reason for this list is as a source of ideas for other camper owners thinking of doing something BIG to their campers.

In chronological order, oldest --> newest:

My New Eagle Shell Finished (Photos) (Yukon, Jul-2008)

Grandby Rebuild (jsonptrs, Oct-2008)

Someone Stop me, Oops, too late! (home skillet, Sep-2010)

POD: Homebuilt foam core fiberglass skin pop-up camper build thread (pods8, Mar-2011)

New Granby Home Build (Bisleybud, Sep-2011)

2012 Eagle Shell Amateur Buildout (RC Pilot Jim, Jun-2012)

Dogwood, a '75 10' Cabover Rebuild (Wooddog, Jun-2012)

SLO's 1990 Hawk Build/Refurb (SLO_F-250, Jul-2012)

ATC Bobcat Shell - Owner Interior Build (Alley-Kat, Oct-2013)

Building Our New Camper (ski3pin, Nov-2013)

Bill's FWC Hawk build (billharr, Nov-2013)

Jayco Sportster 8ft - Renovation (Manfred65, May-2014)

New ATC Ocelot Shell Buildout (Ambling1, Jun-2014)

2014 Truck Camper Building From Scratch (davesteve, Aug-2014)

Keystone Rebuild - Narrow Floor Pack, Redo Interior, Paint Exterior (Colorado CJ, Apr-2015)

Vic's new 2012 Puma Build (Vic Harder May 2019)

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